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Covid-19 has meant we have all had to take a step back and look at what has worked,

what didn't, what can be improved, and what needs to be implemented to ensure we

provide appropriate and effective support for each individual woman and their families

during maternity and beyond.

Health Care Professionals have a responsibility to provide effective continuity of care;

professionals need to understand the history, culture and beliefs of the different

communities they are supporting.

Managing the Ongoing Challenge

With the proper knowledge, professionals can understand and appreciate the needs of

different community groups, often leading to:

• The removal of barriers to healthcare with unconscious bias and stereotyping

• Simplifying community engagement and cultural awareness training to create

sustainable pathways to ensure all women are offered the time, knowledge and

skills to enable them to make informed birthing choices that reflect their culture

and are inclusive of their specific individual needs

• SupporƟng behaviour change

• Creating a joined-up community engagement approach


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